M2M Track

M2M – The 10th “From Molecule to Man” Track, covering translational developments in Imaging and Therapy, will take place during the 36th Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine.

Since 2014, the M2M sessions have constituted one of the main pillars in the programme of the EANM Annual Congress. With the M2M Track, the EANM aims to actively stimulate multidisciplinary interplay between the various scientific disciplines concerned with molecular/nuclear imaging and therapy. By providing a platform for a wide range of scientific and medical aspects, M2M sessions have succeeded in attracting scientists (e.g. radiochemists, physicists and biologists), industry representatives and clinicians alike. With that, a successful stepping stone for translational science has been established.

The M2M Track comprises a series of invited speaker sessions and proffered paper sessions, all of which have the aim of connecting fundamental research with unmet medical needs and vice versa.

The EANM Committees for Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy and the Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Committee jointly coordinate the scientific programme of the M2M Track, while the EANM Executive Office handles organisational matters.

We hope you will enjoy the sessions of the M2M Track 2023!

Fijs van Leeuwen, EANM Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy Committee
Johnny Vercouillie, EANM Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Committee


Further information will follow in June 2023.


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