Proffered Paper Sessions

Cutting Edge Science Track

This track aims to bring together all disciplines concerned with physics, dosimetry and radiobiology and to provide attendees with the most cutting-edge innovations in these fields.

Medical physics is a complex speciality which covers a broad range of areas ranging from the development of new detectors/imaging equipment to image reconstruction and quantification, dosimetry, tracer kinetics, radiobiology and radiation protection. Today’s new challenges include the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into most of these technical areas and its eventual implementation in clinical practice. One major objective is to enhance the interaction between these disciplines, given their prominent role in nuclear medicine, by promoting a deeper interdisciplinary scientific discussion. Consequently, there will be more so-called Featured Sessions which combine invited speakers and abstract presenters.

The EANM Committees of Dosimetry, Physics, and Radiation Protection will coordinate the scientific programme for the meeting jointly with the support of the Congress Chair.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to EANM’23. Be part of it!

Jonathan Gear, EANM Dosimetry Committee
Dimitris Visvikis, EANM Physics Committee
Jens Kurth, EANM Radiation Protection Committee


Further information will follow in June 2023.


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